About Us

We are two siblings who, during our childhood, both became huge fans of the Stitch franchise.
Watching the movie as small kids, we were immediately drawn to Stitch's unique personality and adorable appearance.
Over the years, our shared passion for Stitch strengthened our bond as siblings and best friends.
Countless hours were spent watching movies and series episodes together.
It was our way of having fun and getting closer to each other.
In 2023, as full grown adults, we decided to share this passion by creating 'Stitch Merch,' a specialized store offering jewelry, accessories, and clothing.


Stitch has evolved beyond being just a cartoon character.
It embodies core principles that continue to inspire and guide our lives.
We aim to promote the importance of family love, adventurous spirit, and perseverance in the face of adversity.
Therefore, we've worked diligently to curate the best products and expand our range continuously, so that members of our community who also love Lilo and Stitch can join us on this wonderful adventure!



"Having too little courage is to have lost all courage."
This quote perfectly encapsulates the mindset of our brand, which resonates in every product in the store.
We want you to express your personality freely, to reach your full potential. Above all, we want you to have fun, and to enjoy your experience as a human being on this planet.
Even if we sometimes have to struggle against all odds, if we do so with our child spirit and our heart, we will always succeed no matter what.We are firm believers that no matter how hard or challenging the situation is, we will always win as long as we never give up!


We closely collaborate with partners in America and Asia, dedicated to offering only exceptional quality products.
Our commitment to originality is reflected in each collection.
Our visuals are exclusive and meticulously chosen.
We are proud to offer a wide range of products that will please all Stitch fans, worldwide. Join our community today and explore our range of products to discover what brings you happiness!"