Stitch Adventure Birthday Pack

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  • Includes: 16 paper cups, 16 paper plates, 20 straws, 20 napkins, 1 banner, 12 cupcake toppers, 18 ballons, 2 tablecloths
  • Ideal for birthdays and parties
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Embark on a thrilling birthday adventure with our Stitch adventure birthday pack 

This fun set has everything you need for a party: 16 cups, 16 plates, 20 straws, 20 napkins, a banner, 12 things to put on cupcakes, and 18 balloons. It also comes with 2 tablecloths to make things easier. Perfect for birthdays or any kind of party, it adds an adventurous touch and makes sure you have all your party essentials.

Elevate your party planning with our Stitch adventure birthday pack! 🌺

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