Stitch And Angel Rug

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  • Small size (width x height): 23.62 inch x 15.75 inch
  • Medium size (width x height): 35.43 inch x 23.62 inch
  • Large size (width x height): 62.99 inch x 47.24 inch
  • Extra large size (width x height): 78.74 inch x 62.99 inch
  • High-quality fiber and velvet
  • Easy to care for and resistant to wear and tear
  • Soft and comfortable surface
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Decorate your space with the celestial love story of Stitch and Angel with our Stitch and Angel rug that represents two characters sitting on the sand

This rug shows off the famous pair in a magical setting, showcasing their special love story. Made with high-quality fiber and soft velvet, it's both tough and plush, making any room feel comfy for hanging out or playtime. It's simple to keep clean and tough enough for everyday, guaranteeing it stays looking great and useful.

Embrace the enchantment of Stitch with our Stitch and Angel rug and let the magic unfold beneath your feet! 🌺

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