Stitch And Pikachu Zip Up Hoodie

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  • Fits very well men,¬†women, teens¬†and adults alike
  • Made of cotton and polyester

Embark on a playful adventure with the Stitch and Pikachu zip-up hoodie!

Featuring designs that showcase the dynamic duo of Experiment 626 and the beloved Pokémon, Pikachu, this hoodie captures the delightful harmony between two iconic characters. Perfect for fans who adore this unique crossover between Stitch and Pikachu. This zip-up hoodie is a testament to the playful camaraderie shared by Experiment 626 and the electrifying Pokémon, Pikachu.

Embrace the dynamic and mischievous essence with this adorable Stitch and Pikachu zip-up hoodie! ūüĆļ

* This hoodie sizes a bit small compared to US standard, so we advise to pick one size larger. Feel free to check the size guide if you have any doubt. *

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