Stitch Brave Birthday Pack

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  • Includes: 10¬†paper cups, 10¬†paper plates, 20¬†napkins, 10 pennants,¬†1¬†tablecloth, 10 forks,¬†1 cake topper,¬†10 straws
  • Ideal for birthdays and parties
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Embark on a courageous birthday adventure with our Stitch brave birthday pack, showcasing fearless designs inspired by Stitch's bravery

This set comes with 10 cups and 10 plates made of paper, a tablecloth, and 10 banners. It's perfect for making your party feel bold and fun, just like Stitch's adventurous heart. It will make your birthday bash even more thrilling and full of adventure.

Elevate your birthday festivities with our Stitch brave birthday pack! ūüĆļ

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